Flaming Dragon Tapestry 55x85

Vibrant Tie Dye of Dual Dragons

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I just ordered several herbs from 13 moons and was super pleased. I will definitely re order as soon as I am in need of more.
Cody Scarborough
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Tie Dye Celtic Dragon Tapestry

In multi colors of cream/white, blues and golds, the dual dragon image is surrounded by Celtic art accented with beautiful colors. Each tapestry measures approximately 55 x 85 inches.

The tapestry is excellent for Wall Hangings, Table Cloths, Bed Spreads, Altar Cloths, and more... plus sewing your personal creations.

Please Note: There are no returns or exchanges on this product unless grossly defective.
Colors may vary from photo as each is hand woven from different pigments at different times. Please allow for minor variations in color and design.
Minor flaws in weaving may be present.