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Ambergris Oil 1/8 oz

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Thank you for your great customer service, prompt replies to my questions and fast delivery of my order. Everything is perfect! Everything is exactly as shown. My product was packaged very carefully. and it showed up in like a week and im in another country! Blessed be!
Candace Brodhagen
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Ambergris Essence Oil

A formula of essential oils blended to replicate the quintessence of the Ambergris oil.

1/8 oz in an amber bottle.

Magickal Uses:

  • Aphrodisiac
  • Love
  • Dream Time
  • Psychic Ventures

True Ambergris is a product of sperm whales. It is exceedingly rare and almost impossible to find a true ambergris. We have created an essence of Ambergris that captures the aroma and magical qualities. This blend is 100% pure essential oils and is thick, rich and potent.

Our Essence Oils consist of a unique blend of the highest quality Herbal Essential Oils known for attaining the magickal essence.