Amethyst Hydro Double Point 8x30mm

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Thank you so much, 13 Moons! You have an amazing (and effective) selection of enchanting :-) items. My order arrived amazingly fast. After all the negative energy I've been experiencing, your thoughtful inclusion of a special pendant, and caring note, was like a smile from the goddess. Blessed Be!
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Amethyst Double Point

Faceted Amethyst Hydro-Thermal Point
Measures 8 mm x 30 mm

Amethyst is Known for Spiritual Awareness, Spirituality, Dreaming, Dispels Nightmares, Protection, Contentment, Cleanse and Clear Aura, Peace, Known as the Sobriety Stone, Helps break bad habits, Stability, Meditation, and if prone to migraine headaches, try amethyst stones at your crown and back of neck.

The Amethyst Point is a Hydro Thermal Product. Hydro Thermal Crystals are made of finely ground quartz along with the natural mineral substance. The crystals are then grown with water, heat and pressure, cut to the fine point you see here; giving you a brilliant color facted point.

Photo is enlarged for detail.