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Amethyst Runes

These beautiful rune stones carry all the magick of amethyst and the wisdom of the Futhark Runes.
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Lo Scarabeo

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Perfect... This site is absolutely beautiful, I have never had any complaints about anything and the pricing and options are far better than anywhere else I have browsed. This is always my first choice for my needs, and always will be as long as they maintain this standard. I have already recommended this site on the pagan forums I am a part of!
Nicole Zlate
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Lo Scarabeo's Amethyst Rune Set

Your set includes:

  • 25 polished stones, 24 of which are individually engraved and lined.
  • Velveteen bag for storing your runes and carrying them.
  • Small instruction booklet
  • Runes, booklet and bag are in a storage/gift box

Amethyst is known as a spiritual and sobriety stone. Uses: spiritual awareness, spirituality, stability, meditation, dreaming, dispeling nightmares, protection, contentment, cleansing and clearing aura, finding peace, and breaking bad habits.

Rune symbols with their basic line drawings have been carved into wood and stones for centuries and used for divination. Many rune casters of the ancient villages were female, casting their stones and telling of the future. Each symbol has an individual, sacred and influential meaning Over the years, the rune sets have been adapted or added to, sometimes up to 40 symbols in a set. The more widely known of the sets is the Elder Futhark with 24 symbols and the most modern and commonly used sets of today are the Futhark Runes which have 24 symbols with a blank rune (the mystery, the unknown).

Experience the magick as your ancestors did by casting your runes of different sacred woods and stones for magickal divination.