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Animals Ring

Handcrafted To Aid in Understanding the Language of Animals.

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Thank you so much, 13 Moons! You have an amazing (and effective) selection of enchanting :-) items. My order arrived amazingly fast. After all the negative energy I've been experiencing, your thoughtful inclusion of a special pendant, and caring note, was like a smile from the goddess. Blessed Be!
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Animal Communication Ring

Our Animals Ring was inspired by an Archaic Manuscript published in the late 18th century. Within its pages are Magical Symbols ascribed to Ancient Egyptian Magicians and Sages.

The "Animals Ring" and the associated "Communication with Animals Talisman" are said to enable the wearer to understand the Language of Animals. It also gains the bearer immunity from any attack of a ferocious beast. It helps enhance Psychic Bonds with Animals and Promotes Understanding of their Body Language.
This ring is perfect for any Animal Lover, Veterinarians, Handlers, Psychic Animal Healers, Pet Sitters, etc.

The Powers of this Magical Ring are strongest when the ring is used in conjunction with the associated Talisman.

The history of The Magical Manuscript dates back to the French General Napoleon's military expedition to Egypt: An officer in the army was sent on an excursion to the Pyramids of Egypt. In the shadow of "The Grand Colossus" (The Great Pyramid), the expedition was attacked by a horde of "Arabs of the Desert." In a fierce battle all were slain save the brave officer, who was mortally wounded; All seemed lost when "suddenly a stone rolled back in the Pyramid and a venerable man issued forth." This Sage used Magic to revive the officer and took him within the Great Pyramid where; "there were vast halls and endless galleries, subterranean chambers piled with treasures, apparitions of blazing lamps, Ministering Spirits innumerable..." After gaining the confidence of the Ancient Sage, the officer was made his apprentice and taught "In the powers and wonders of twenty-two Talismanic figures and the Rings corresponding."

Crafted in the U.S. of sterling silver.

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