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Anise Seed Essential Oil 1/4 oz

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Anise Seed Essential Oil
Pimpinella anisum

1/4 ounce in an amber bottle.

Fresh and spicy; licorice-like and substitue for when you do not have licorice for a magick recipe.

Steam distilled from Spain.

Magickal Uses:

  • Protection
  • Purification
  • Youth
  • Keep away evil
  • Keep away negatives
  • Ward off the evil eye
  • Guard against nightmares

Perfumery Uses: The aroma blends well with Essential Oils of Orange, Lavender, Pine, Rose and Spices.

Warning: Use in moderation. Large doses can be narcotic. Avoid if pregnant. Avoid if breast feeding. Avoid if history of epilsy. Can cause dermatitis. Dilute before use on skin can cause irritations and dermatitis.

Do Not Confuse Anise Seed with Anise Star. Anise Star is made from the fruit of a tree.