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Astrological Synastry Chart

Gain insights of your past, present and future with a Synastry Chart by Rhaiza.

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I have been seeing nothing but good comments and testimonials about this websites fast and wonderful service. So I went out on a limb and ordered about 6 different things that added up to about 70 totaled. I have to admit for what I bought that was an excellent price. I recieved my shipment three days after I ordered... I have never in my life had anything delivered that fast and I shop alot online. I'm speechless. This website is by far the best I ever been to even beyond metaphyiscal needs. Amazon doesn't even compare. I love you 13 Moons and you can expect much more consumer participation on my part. It feels amazing to actually have a reliable website to turn to for all my metaphysical needs. The website even throws in some darker magickal tendecies which I love. Thank you. You guys are amazing. :)
Kyle Ames
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Synastry Chart by Rhaiza

Gain insights of your past, present and future with astrological readings! Rhaiza offers you The Astrological Synastry Chart. A Synastry is an analysis of compatibility between two charts, which focuses on elucidating the dynamics of the relationship between the people involved. The synastry is used to examine the relationship between two people, whether sentimental partner, partners or friends. To accomplish this, I overlap the two charts, and then the aspects between the planets in both charts are calculated.

Please include date, time and birth of you and other person/partner in the Reading Notes box above. Your reading will be emailed to you.

Spanish Translated

Una Sinastría es un análisis de compatibilidad entre dos cartas natales, el cual se centra en dilucidar la dinámica de la relación entre las personas involucradas. La sinastría sirve para examinar la relación entre dos personas, ya sean pareja sentimental, socios o amigos. Para ello se superponen las dos cartas astrales, y a continuación, se calculan los aspectos entre los planetas de ambas cartas.

Por favor incluya la fecha, tiempo y nacimiento de usted y otra persona/compañero. Su lectura será enviada por correo electrónico a usted.

Please Note: There is No Shipping Cost ~ Each Reading Is Emailed to You.

Tenga en cuenta: No hay costo de envío ~ Cada lectura es enviado por correo electrónico.

Hi, my name is Rhaiza and I have 20 years of experience with the Tarot. This beautiful method is a fantastic tool to serve as a guide. The Tarot is a map of the universe - and through the archtypes that present us the cards - a guidance which will aid you.

The methods which I use as a tool are Tarot, Runes, I-Ching, Astrology and the Oracles of Fairy. If you prefer another method than this chart, please feel free to view my listings for another choice.


Spanish Translated

Hola, Mi nombre es Rhaiza y tengo 20 años de experiencia con el tarot. Este hermoso método es una herramienta fantástica para servir de guia. El tarot no es otra cosa que un mapa del universo. Y mediante los arquetipos que nos presenten las cartas te iré ayudando para tu mejoramiento personal, en tu idioma... el español.

También soy Master Reiki y conferenciante de diversos temás esotéricos en mi país.

Los métodos que útilizo como herramienta son el tarot, las runas, la astrología y los oráculos de Hadas. Así que si prefieres otro método puedes sentirte en la libertad de volver al menú y escoger el que más te guste.