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Belie Belcan Cologne

Protect Your Home and Against Evil with Belie Belcan Cologne.

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Belie Belcan Cologne

Celebrate the ancient and wise Lwa known as Belie Belcan (also known as St. Micheal) with this blended cologne known for:

  • Justice
  • Guardian at Night
  • Lover of Women
  • Guardian of Doorways
  • Opens Doorways/Paths
  • Protection in Home
  • Protection against Evil

Colors for Belie Belcan: Red and Green. Offerings can be cigars, goat meat, rum or whisky as well as traditional candles, water, flowers and incense.

Belie Belcan Cologne can be worn as you do perfume at your pulse points. Also you may add a few drops to your bath water as well as use to anoint the contents of your Mojo Bag.