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Brass Pillar & Taper Holder

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Good morn to all at 13 Moons! Just wanted to say THANK YOU for my order as I was literally tracking it down to the minute of delivery! That's how anxious I was to get it! I felt my inner child emerge and couldn't wait to get home to unwrap the treasures inside. Packaging was great. This was my 2nd order and I knew all goodies would be in tact and well protected. Best on-line shopping ever! Blessed be and thank you for the little gift Madison!
benita barlow
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Brass Pillar Holder

Also known as Herbal Magick Candle Holder.

You will love the elegance of this brass pillar holder for your Pillar and Magick Ritual Candles of 1 1/2 inch diameter. (Conveniently holds the Spell Candles we sell along with Tapers and larger pillars.)

Approximately 4 inches height with the ingenious design which allows candle to liquify in bowl and continue burning, without the wax spilling over the edge. Candle not included (sold separately through our Pillar of Magick and Spell Magick Candle Selections).

Of a brilliantly unique design that is rooted within a classical elegance of traditional styling, this candle holder has been crafted to hold a variety of candle sizes, ranging from taper candles to 1 1/2" diameter pillars, and larger pillar candles that can fit within its 4 5/8" diameter. This accomplished with a chalice-shaped design, that widens in stages to support narrow taper candles by its base and pillar candles by its wide mouth. The entire brass candle holder measures only approximately 3" tall and has a felt-coated base to keep it from slipping.