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Calming & Inner Balance Blessing Kit

Handmade Candle Set for Calmness, Inner Balance and Relieving Stress.

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13 Moons

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Best Wicca shopping ever! I have ordered from Scared Mist Shop and am still waiting for my order and it was placed almost 4 months ago. I ordered from 13 moons and it got here in three days. I was so excited and everything was perfect. Thank you all for making my wicca shopping so much easier. bless be
Trisha Allen
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13 Moons' Calming &
Inner Balance Blessing Kit

A set of four votives and one gemstone for calming, inner balance, relieving stress and calming emotions. Allow our hand made candles to aid you in centering and meditating on finding your inner peace and balance.

The 13 Moons' Calming and Inner Balance Blessing Set is made with essential oils and/or herbs known for calming, relaxation, harmony and inner balance. Each kit contains:

  • Two light blue votives made with cedarwood and frankincense
  • Two lavender votives made with lemon and lavender
  • One amethyst stone
  • Basic instructions for use.

Trim the wick to 1/4 inch for best burning in a votive holder. Burn time is approximately 15 hours per votive.

All ready for gift giving (even if for yourself!), each kit is in a reusable, sturdy, white gift box. Conveniently keep your candles and stone inside in between blessing rituals. Once your ritual is complete reuse the box for storing small items or reuse for gifting.