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Candle Lighting Workbook by Tina Ketch

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Candle Lighting Workbook

by Tina Ketch

For the first time in print, this book includes life cycles in which to light candles. There are tables explaining the vibrational definition of EVERY MINUTE OF EACH AND EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR. There is an element cycle explaining the "mercury retrograde" cycle and when and why to light your candles during this time.

There are illustrations showing how angels communicate with humans and what color of candle to light to recognize their message. There is the vibrational definition to each letter in the alphabet. There is a detailed definition of each of the 52 cards in a regular deck as well as the Tarot. The Candle Lighting Workbook is the most comprehensive, user friendly, uplifting, life changing book ever in print on the subject of candle lighting for specific life changing issues.

The new age subject of candle lighting has increased in interest in the mainstream book buyer every year for the past 10 years.

Book contains step-by-step instructions on when, what day, and at what time to light what color of candle to obtain your specific desires.

Tina Ketch's titles have been consistent sellers for the past 6 years; there are new candle lighters everyday. This book will allow your new age section positive and consistent profit.

Tina Ketch has been listed in Who's Who in America for her contribution in the field of writing for her contribution on the subject of candle lighting.