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Candle Wax Remover

4 ounces of unique formula to remove melted wax.
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I just wanted to thank you for the great products. I received my first shipment from 13 Moons today, and I am very satisfied. The whole shipment was packaged with great care and love. What a nice surprise attached to the packing slip. Thank you. Call me crazy, but immediately upon opening, I felt the warmth of your home or business. You are the real deal, and I thank you!
James Cady
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Wax Off Spray

Candle light, romantic glow, festive occasions - we all love candles and sometimes there is a drip or spill. 4 ounce spray bottle of wax remover aids you in removing melted wax from cloths, clothing and other fabric. This unique formula helps you to work quickly and effectively on all types of melted wax. The spray allows fast and even coverage. Convenient size to store in cabinet or drawer.

We burn a lot of candles here at home and office. This spray remover has helped remove some melted wax that was hard to remove. Please note: it is not an instant removal, if the wax has sat for years or is in carpet, you will need a bit more "elbow grease" and maybe a few applications.