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Celtic Tarot Cloth, Bag and Purse Set

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adrian jackman
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Velvet Spread Cloth, Tarot Bag and Purse Set

Nokomis presents a hand sewn and painted reversible spread cloth, purse and bag. Beautiful, luscious velveteen and cotton - just holding it makes you melt! For your tarot deck, runes, gems, oracle cards, pendulum, gemstone points, special stones or amulets and more! Tuck your favorite divination tools inside the large bag and you are set to go!

Your set includes:

  • Spread cloth which measures 20 1/2 inches square. Nokomis has secretly sewn in a small pocket in the corner to hold a gemstone or point! Spread cloth is reversible. One side is the lush velveteen; other side is cotton with hand painted Celtic design. Tassels accented with wooden beads are on each corner. Secret, small pocket for gemstone point is on the cotton side.
  • Tarot or rune bag measures 5 x 7 inches. Unlined bag with drawstring accented with matching tassel and bead.
  • Purse/large drawstring bag measures approximately 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches high when closed. Opens to approximately 24 inches in diameter and can be used as a divination circle for pendulum work! Purse holds cloth and tarot bag and all tools you need for divination! Lining is cotton with handpainted Celtic design which matches the spread cloth; and shows elegantly when bag is drawn. Also includes matching tassels and wood beads.

This is a beautiful work of love for your divination tools!