Cerridwen Statue by Maxine Miller

Goddess of Inspiration, Wisdom & Creativity worshiped during Summer & Harvests.

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Maxine Miller

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Ceridwen Statue
Mother of Grain and Inspiration
by Maxine Miller, © 2007

Tending her cauldron of Inspiration and Wisdom, Cerridwen is a great Earth Goddess associated with the eternal cycle of Life, Death and Rebirth. We worship her during Summer and at Harvest times. Her totem animal is the white sow and she is a shapeshifter, able to be seen as a greyhound, an otter, a hawk, and a black hen.

She was mother to the great Celtic bard Taliesin. Her herbal potions bring forth initiation and transformation, just as tiny grains become vast fields of wheat that then transform into the bread of sustenance.

Awen in inscribed upon the cauldron in this statue. Awen is a Welsh... root meaning breeze.
Translation could mean breath of inspiration, divine spirit's wind, blow, inspiration, muse, breath of energy, freshness.

She measures 8 1/2 inches and is cast of resin with a brown-black finish.