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Chime Candle Navy Blue

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I ordered three worry stones for my kids as gifts (almost 14, almost 13 & 10yrs). They arrived very quickly and are absolutely beautiful. It's been several years since I ordered from here and only stopped due to financial issues. I'll most definitely be coming back again soon. Blessed Be.
Kelly Hooper
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Navy Blue 4 inch Chime Candle

4 inch Ritual Chime Candle burns up to 2 hours. Candles measure 4 inches tall with a 1/2 inch diameter.

Blue and Navy Blue are known for:
Element: West/Water;
Planet: Jupiter;
Associations & Magick: sky; ocean/water magick, like water - ebb and flow of feelings & emotions, balance, devotion, healing, patience, meditation, compassion, magick knowledge, sleep, guard against nightmares, devotion, prophetic dreams, contemplation, success, guidance, understanding, health, healing, inspiration, truth, wisdom, tranquility, calmness, peace, justice, legal, counsel, honor.

Grey Associations:
Element: Earth, Water & Air
Known for: meditation, canceling and neutralizing.

Solid Color; Not dipped over white.
Burn Candles in Flame Proof Holder; Trim wicks to 1/4 inch for safe, long burn time. Do Not Leave Burning Candle Unattended.

Please Note: Navy Blue may vary from photo; pigments change slightly with each new shipment of handcrafted candles from Germany. They range from gray/blue to very dark blue with dusty white outer pigment.

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