Cleansing Soap

Clear, Purify & Cleanse
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Upon my first order with this website, I have to say I am completely satisfied and then some with the quality and timeliness and packaging everything is excellent. I'm hooked now, from now on this is where I will be buying my supplies. Thanks 13Moons!
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Cleansing Bath Soap

Wash with Cleansing Glycerin Soap for:

  • Clearing away Psychic Sludge
  • Purfication
  • Clearing Negative Vibrations
  • Cleaning Aura
  • Cleaning Spiritual Energy
  • Cleaning Emotions
  • Cleanse, Balance and Harmonize
  • Aura Work
  • Energy Work
  • Rid Hexes
  • Healings
  • Opening Paths/Opening Roads for opportunity

The herbs and essences in the soap will aid in all of the above as well as removing evil. Wash with Cleansing Soap in the bath or shower while praying or meditating on your desired result. 4 ounce Glycerin Spiritual Bar Soap. Bar measures approximately 3 inches x 2 1/4 inches x 1 inch thick.