Cocoa Absolute 1/8 oz

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Cocoa Absolute
Theobroma cacao

.12 ounce of Cocoa Absolute. Color: Dark Brown; Scent: Luscious Chocolatey Cocoa Buttery!

Cocoa Absolute does not blend well with carrier oils. You may have better results blending in water or water based lotions and creams and possibly with perfume grade alcohols. Blends well with other essential or absolute oils such as Bergamot, Vanilla, Cinnamon and coffee.
You only need a tiny amount to scent with as the absolute is very strong. I made bath teas at Yule and just a tiny drop on a toothpick was added with the herbs and the scent was strong and delicious! Friends said it was the best thing they ever smelled!

Keep your absolute sealed in a cool, dark place.

From A Modern Herbal by Mrs. M. Grieve:
Cacao was named Theobroma by Linnaeus, the word meaning @food of the gods,@ so called from the goodness of its seeds. Mexicans named the pounded seeds @Chocolate.@

Use for all Chocolate - Cocoa - Cocao Magick!

Perfumery Uses: Blends well with absolutes/essential oils of Vanilla, Coffee, Orange and Bergamot.