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Copper Multi Metal Dowsing Rod Pair

These are beautiful rods with so many uses!

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Once again I am so very happy with my order! The pendulum is absolutely beautiful, and the herbs are of fantastic quality! I am so happy I found you all. Thank you! Blessed Be!
Shanna Ferguson
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Copper Multi-Metal L Rod Pair

These rods have copper handles and multi-metal L-Rods with brass rods. Handles have brass and nickel fittings. Hand made in the USA. Designed by dowser George Goodenow.

The handle is 5 5/8 inches long and the arms are 12 inches long with brass protective tips.

Copper has receptive energy and is associated with the planet Venus and the element Water. Copper is known for:

  • Directing energy
  • Healing
  • Protection
  • Bringing money
  • Bringing love
  • Bringing luck