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Cotton Bag 3x5 Black

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Hi guys:I received my package and was pleased at the neat packaging and timely delivery, and thanks for the little gift.
Lorie Bonnick
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Black Cloth Bag

This is a black cotton bag to fill with your herbs and other items to make your mojo, gris-gris or spell bags.
The bag easurements are approximately 3 x 5 inches. Please allow for variances in hand-sewn bags.

Black is known for: Earth; Saturn, power and banishment. Use black to dispel and banish and absorb negativity and evil. Black can be used for protection, binding, habit breaking and meditation and to stop frustrations and irritations, as well as to ease sorrow and grief. Black is magickal and mystical; it symbolizes the unknown and the dark. Black can ease fears, help with sleep, acceptance, forgiveness and sadness, Black can also dispel fear, aid in ridding depression and ridding of unwanted relationship(s). Use to help when you are feeling at a loss or confused. Use to banish illness, break hexes and for exorcism.