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Cotton Bag 3x5 Blue

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The speed in which I received my order completely impressed me. And I loved the personal note that was included in my order. I will recommend this store to others and I will order again. Everything was packaged carefully and with personal touches. I didn't feel like a number but an actual person. Thank you!
Melissa Holzbacher
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Blue Cloth Bag

This is a blue cotton bag to fill with your herbs and other items to make your mojo, gris-gris or spell bags.
The bag measurements are approximately 3 x 5 inches. Please allow for variances in hand-sewed bags.

Blue: Represents the element of water and the west; Jupiter; Sky; Ocean/Water Magick. Like water, blue symbolizes the ebb and flow of feelings & emotions. Blue is good for balance, devotion, healing, patience, meditation, compassion, magickal knowledge. Blue helps with sleep and guards against nightmares. It is also useful for devotion, prophetic dreams, contemplation, success, guidance, understanding, health, healing, inspiration, truth, wisdom, tranquility, calmness, peace, justice, legal matters, counsel, and honor.