Cotton Bag 3x5 Dark Blue

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This was my first purchase from 13 Moons. It arrived in 2 days, from New York to Wisconsin! Everything was wrapped with care and the box was padded with recycled newspaper. There was even a handwritten thank-you note on my receipt. With this level of care, I will certainly be buying here again. Thank you!
Sara Pace
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Dark Blue Cloth Bag

This is a dark blue cotton bag to fill with your herbs and other items to make your mojo, gris-gris or spell bags.
This bag may vary in color pigment from photo.
The bag measurements are approximately 3 x 5 inches.

Blue: Represents the element of water and the direction of the west; Jupiter, the sky and Ocean/Water magick. Like water, blue symbolizes the ebb and flow of feelings and emotions; also useful for balance, devotion, healing, patience, meditation, compassion and magickal knowledge. Blue can help with sleep, can guard against nightmares; it assists with devotion, prophetic dreams, contemplation, success, guidance, understanding, health, healing and inspiration. It can guide toward truth, wisdom, tranquility, calmness, peace, justice; blue helps with legal matters, counsel and honor.