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Cotton Bag 3x5 Purple

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Amazing products and quick delivery all the way to Australia. Cannot wait to place my next order!!! Blessing xoxo
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Purple Cloth Bag

This is a purple cotton bag to fill with your herbs and other items to make your mojo, gris-gris or spell bags.
The bag measurements are approximately 3 x 5 inches. Please allow for variances in hand-sewn bags.

Purple: Represents the element of Spirit, Jupiter, divination, prophecy, spirituality, psychic ability, counters negatives, reverses curses & jinxes. Purple is useful for all magick, angels, meditation, secrets, clarity, grief, remembrance of deceased, compassion, power. It enhances spiritual power, inspiration and astral travel. Use purple for emotional balance and to harmonize depression, aid with ambition, heal deadly diseases, improve business and boost personal magickal powers. It is useful for psychic healing, spirit healing, psychic protection, third eye vision and scrying. Purple represents royalty, material possessions and material wealth. It is useful to increase/assist happiness, past-life rituals, aid sleep without nightmares, and to banish the past モcrapヤ that is creating chaos in your life now.