Cotton Bag 3x5 Yellow

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I have ordered several times and always get my order very quickly and in great condition. I love the small herb kit I got. It smells so good and has most of the herbs I needed right away. I got a censer the last time and love it, but the coaster is so small it is not much good as the censer slides off it very easily, not safe. I will be placing more orders in the future.
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Yellow Cloth Bag

This is a yellow cotton bag to fill with your herbs and other items to make your mojo, gris-gris or spell bags.
The bag measurements are approximate from 3 x 5 inches.

Yellow: Represents the element of the east/air; Sun/Solar; useful for trade, study, knowledge, concentration, meditation, creating, crafting, imagination, wisdom, changes, adapting, career, business, psychic development, visualization, magick, communication; joy, happiness, confidence; clearing of the mind/thoughts, counseling and to chase evil and negativity away.