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Diana Print by Briar

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Diana Print

Reproduced from original paintings by Briar, English Mythology Artist.

Briar's Art Mythology Prints present to you Briar's visionary, esoteric and evocative themes which are captured beautifully in these high quality prints. Presented in a hallmarked tube with a thumbnail image printed outside.
Each print measures 12 x 16 inches/300 x 405 mm.

Diana on the hunt alongside Wolf Beast and Nymphs who light up the evening sky. Her crystal shines as a full moon.

Diana is also known as or associated with the names of Maiden of the Bow, Divine Huntress, Maiden Huntress, Queen of the Night, Lady of the Grove, Queen of Heaven, Divine Virgin, Mother of All, Lunar Goddess, Mistress of the Beasts and Protector of the Wilderness.

Diana is the special Protectress of unmarried women and mothers. A maiden, known as a virgin goddess, she never married and preferred to roam the woodlands with Her retinue of nymphs and forest creatures. All young animals were sacred to Her as She was their protector. Her favorites were bears, deer, hares, cats, hounds and other animals and birds associated with the Moon.

By Roman times, Diana had become the patron goddess of the underdog in many ways. Women, children, baby animals, eunuchs, lesbians, slaves and outlaws were all Her special charges, though She remained steadfastly a virgin and no man could enter Her temple on the Aventine in Rome. However, in Ephesus, Her priestesses were gradually replaced by eunuch priests until, by the time it was destroyed by Christians in the 7th Century CE, women were no longer allowed inside the temple even to make offerings!

Diana was so beloved by society's underdogs that even after Her worship was forbidden under penalty of death, She became the secret rallying goddess of those disaffected with the Roman Catholic Church. Thus it was that Diana became the Goddess of Witches during the Dark and Middle Ages in Europe, and many a woman burned at the stake died with the name of this goddess on her lips. In fact, for over 400 years, little girls could not be christened with the name Diana, such was the fear She inspired in the hearts of the Church Fathers!