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Dragon Eye Box

Allow the eye to watch over your treasures.
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Dragon's Eye Trinket Box

An alluring dragon's eye with a bit of Egyptian flare adorn this admirable treasure box. It is such an eye pleaser and conversation piece! The fine detail of raised art of decorative scroll work lining the eye as well as throughout top and sides of the box plus the detail scale pattern throughout is delightful - a true charming and magical piece of art. The eye has been painstakingly crafted to resemble what we have come to know of a dragon's eye in shape and color.

The box measures approximately 3 3/4 inches in diameter x 2 inches. It is a splendid vessel to hold treasures, gems, jewelry, trinkets and secrets. This striking box is the perfect place to store your favorite trinkets! Crafted of resin and handpainted to give you a unique piece of art which is also functional.


  • Hand-cast using crushed stone boned with high quality designer resin
  • Each piece is individually hand-painted
  • Great gift for any occasion
  • Perfect decoration for any decor
  • Great gift for fantasy and dragon lovers