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Dragonfly Garden Jar

A beautiful gift and functional.
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Thank you so much, 13 Moons! You have an amazing (and effective) selection of enchanting :-) items. My order arrived amazingly fast. After all the negative energy I've been experiencing, your thoughtful inclusion of a special pendant, and caring note, was like a smile from the goddess. Blessed Be!
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Dragonfly Garden Jar with cork

This is a finely crafted clay jar depicting a scene of dragonflies and flowers. Dragonflies are known for change, transformation and joy as well as having a deep connection to nature. These sturdy jars are excellent for storing spices, oils, small gems, oils, perfume and more. From a shelf in the kitchen to a vanity, these are impressive pieces of art to use and display.
Each bottle is individually made measures approximately 3 1/2 inches tall with cork.