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Dragons Altar Cloth/Sarong 45x62 Black

Passionate dragons to grace your home and accent your wardrobe.
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Dragons Altar Cloth/Sarong

This is a beautiful, hand painted design giving you the illustration of passionate dragons which can grace your home or your clothing! The dragon has been known through ages to ward off evil spirits.

The cloth is 100% rayon and can be used as small table cloth, sarong, shawl, halter top and wall hanging. Each is individually bagged with instructions for wearing various ways. Sarongs travel well, look great and feel fantastic, and are convenient and fashionable!

Hand made and painted in Bali. Color pigment, style and size may vary slightly from the photo.
This cloth measures approximately 45 inches x 62 inches.

Altar cloths were traditionally used in sacred areas as protection during ritual and ceremonies. The altar is very significant to your rituals; your central focus is at your altar. Whether Nature's ground, a tree stump, a wooden stool, a chest, a box or an elaborate table this is where you honor your deities, bless your tools, and practice!

Altar cloths are not merely for decoration; the mundane is left behind as you spread out your altar cloth allowing the spiritual, the mystery and the magick to begin! If your altar has other daily purposes (such as if you are using your coffee table or piano stool for your altar), your altar cloth prevents your ritual tools from receiving these energies.

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