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Driftwood Accessory 1

Beautiful Driftwood for Decoration and Ocean Magick.
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13 Moons

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Amazing products and quick delivery all the way to Australia. Cannot wait to place my next order!!! Blessing xoxo
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Driftwood Altar Accessory

This is a very nice driftwood piece about 13 inches long. We found this natural driftwood sculpture along the Maine coast. It is smoothed on one side to lay flat on your table top and could easily hang on your wall by inserting a hook.

Driftwood sculptures look fantastic accenting your garden, landscaping, windows, walls, centerpiece for tables and entrance ways. We have quite a few bordering our flower gardens and sprinkled throughout our home. You are able to paint, carve, varnish, etc., if you wish to further personalize your driftwood.

Gathered and crafted by 13 Moons.