Element Stone Set, Black Jasper

Set for Healing, Spiritual, Rituals and Divination.

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I've used this website for almost all my witchy purchases, and when I moved out of my parents house I needed to get new things to decorate my apartment. As I was heading out the door I asked myself "Why go to the mall? 13 Moons is over there in the corner." So I bought literally everything from my new pictures I hang on the wall to the awesome pentagram sheet I use as a bedspread from 13 Moons. Now when I bring a girl over we'll have something to actually talk about.
sean krueger
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5 Piece Black Jasper
Elemental Stone Set

Handcarved and Lined on Black Jasper, the symbols of Earth, Fire, Water, Air and the Pentacle. Each stone varies slightly in size measuring approximately 1 1/2 inches. Use on your altar, sacred space, healings or carry in your purse or medicine bag for the energy they provide. Include small velveteen bag.