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Estrus Perfume

Powerful to Draw Passion and Sex for opposite sex.
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I've bought all that I couldn't find here (which is almost everything ) that I needed to start out. I used my phone to make all purchases from your website which in turn make it easy for me to get what I need on the fly. I love the packaging and little gifts :) ! I would never go anywhere else for Craft items! You have a loyal customer and will be making another purchase within the week or two. Blessed Be!
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Estrus Perfume

Wear Estrus Perfume to attract sexual love or to bind a lover of the opposite sex Attract the person you desire and leave them under your control. Apply Estrus Perfume to your wrists and neck before you come in contact with the one you desire. You may also add a few drops to bath water. This is a powerful fragrance to attract those of opposite sex.