Evil Eye Bracelet with Aqua Aura Rhinestones

Protection from the Evil Eye.
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Evil Eye Bracelet
With Aqua Aura and Hematite

A red string bracelet has been used from centuries to shield the bearer against the evil eye whether jealousy, envy, hatred, etc. It is known that wearing a red string bracelet on the left wrist, will guard you from misfortune and will bring protection in all areas of your life!

This bracelet also displays an evil eye protection bead to reflect negativity back to the sender.

The artist (who also makes many of our candles!!) designed this bracelet with Aqua Aura rhinestones around the eye to give it a very clean, sparkly effect. The two little gemstone beads at the end of the strings are hematite.

This beautiful and powerful bracelet is fully adjustable and will fit ANY wrist size, even very small ones.

The Evil Eye directed at someone, a curse, has been known to bring sickness, trouble/chaos, death, bad luck and/or injury. Magickal charms, jewelry and talismans such as this bracelet have been crafted to aid in protecting one against the Evil Eye.