Evolutionary Witchcraft by T. Thorn Coyle

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Evolutionary Witchcraft by T Thorn Coyle

A clear and thorough guide - one far more rigorous than anything before published for those who wish to deepen their magical practice.
-M. Macha NightMare, author of Pagan Pride and Witchcraft and the Web

Evolutionary Witchcraft is a life-changing path of power-a book for all spiritual seekers in today's spiritually uncertain times. Moved to share her knowledge and power with the world of the potent and secretive Feri Tradition, T. Thorn Coyle has created an extraordinary book on her own evolutionary, and ever-evolving form of witchcraft. For the beginner and mature practitioner alike, Evolutionary Witchcraft is an unprecedented and comprehensive guide to the Craft.

We need to connect, to find the sacred in our lives right now, rather than on some future day of transcendence and redemption. In a time of global and environmental crises, a religion that firmly connects us to the earth is not only appealing, but crucial. In Evolutionary Witchcraft (Tarcher - Penguin softcover/October 1, 2004), Coyle invites us to uncover the dignity of our souls, to connect with both the natural world and realms unseen to wholly embrace ourselves and see what emerges from that crucible of contradictions: strength, compassion, generosity, joy, darkness, and light. It calls us to our wild, magical core-the source to transform our selves and the world.

This engagingly written work is a thoughtful and creative interpretation of Feri Witchcraft. It is also an important, practical and empowering guide to the dangerous and fruitful real magic of self-work as an evolutionary path to the Divine.
-Phyllis Curott, author of The Love Spell. Book of Shadows, and WitchCrafting

T. Thorn Coyle has drawn together an immense amount of material into a coherent, deep and profound approach to personal development through a Feri spiritual path. The book reflects her own journey, her integrity, and her wisdom in guiding others. For anyone seeking to develop or deepen a personal practice, this book is invaluable.
- Starhawk, author of The Spiral Dance and The Earth Path