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Geodes, Uncut

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I am always so pleased every time I order from you! The quickness with which you ship is astounding! I placed my order on Friday and received my package on Monday! The quality of the products (the herbs, the gemstones, the oils) are second to none! You are my favorite place to shop! Blessed Be!
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Whole Geodes

Geode ~ from Greek meaning 'earthlike'. A geode is a sphere shaped rock with a hollow cavity lined with crystals. Use for stimulating independent thinking, freedom of spirit; are good energy generators and help with good work habits.~ Geodes can contain clear or smoky quartz linings, micro and slightly larger pyrite crystals, calcite crystals, jasper or agate . Some of the minerals less common in the geodes are selenite, ferroan dolomite, marcasite, pink calcite, sphalerite.

Approx 1 1/2"