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Glass Pentacle Altar Tile, Gold

This is a beautiful altar tile at a great price. It will look wonderful on the altar and is very easy to clean after ritual use.

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I have been ordering from 13 Moons for years and they have always been extremely satisfied with my service. Each order is put together with love. It feels as close to a brick and mortar store as you can get online. Lovely people!
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Glass Round Pentacle Altar Plate

This pentacle glass tile measures 6 inches. This is an excellent altar tile!
The pentagram altar plates all use the latest technology in polyester glass coatings with excellent weatherability, chemical resistance, and abrasion resistance.

The finish is baked onto the glass; actual metal powders are fused to produce the color designs. This allows you to clean the glass surface with ease after rituals.
Tile can be razor cleaned for candle drippings.

Stands for plates are found in our divination area.