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Goddess Ritual Gear

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13 Moons

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Just received my latest box of treasures from 13 Moons. I just wanted to send along my thanks for all the care put into packaging, quick dispatch...everything. It's always a treat to see what's new...and nice to know that you are a reliable source on which a witch can rely for staple supplies as well. Thanks for consistently being the absolute best there is! ~S.
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Goddess Ritual Set

This set includes the following:

  • Moon Goddess and Floral Designed Cloak crafted with a hood.
  • Luna Negra Athame
  • Stainless Steel Moon Goddess - Chalice 7 in
  • Magic Wooden Wand
  • Crescent Moon Pentacle Altar Tile

Moon Goddess Cloak - Moon Goddess and Floral Designed Cloak crafted with a hood. Length is approxmately 51 Inches. This light weight cloak features: a Floral design on the boarder and hood of the cloak, on the back a Goddess is rising from a chalice with pentacles. Above her is the sun and below is the moon. Fully open front, Large draping hood, Arm slits and Cord ties to secure hood.

Luna Negra Athame - Black handle and black sheath for this double edged dagger from old Spain. 10 1/2" full length gives this athame a nice feeling for night magick. No Shipment to Australia or Greece. Customs will remove all blades from your package.

Moon Goddess Chalice - High polished stainless steel 7 inch chalice featuring a printed image of the Moon Goddess in the center. The chalice stem has a mold sculptured design which adds a splash of elegance to the cups overall appeal. This chalice will add a touch of old world charm to your table or altar! Measures approximately 7 inches tall x 4 inches diameter at widest. Each is a 12 ounce food grade stainless steel chalice.

Magic Wooden Wand - These wooden magic wands have been made specifically for use within spellcraft. There are contours on the wand that allow it to fit comfortable to your palm and a clearly defined narrow point and blunted back end. Each has been carved with its own unique shape and design, and uniquely stained color in a manner that leaves each wand a unique piece for each individual.

Please Note: That wands come to us in varying styles and colors, we will try to choose a wand the fits this kit as best as possible.

Crescent Moon Pentacle Altar Tile - This is an altar tile with an interwoven pentagram at its center framed in crescent moons with a lovely woven border on the outer edge. Ideal as a small altar pentacle, or use it as a coaster! The silver plated aluminum tile measures approximately 3 inches in diameter x 3/8 inch thick.