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Good Fortune Charm

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HI just got box of goodies form 13 Moons, I got the 7 drops of love roll-on, OMG that is the most amazing blend I ever had. I threw out all my other cologne. Just one little roll on that and I got many comments on how intoxicating it is. Don't know what is in it, but the vibe is just amazing. I got many other things from you guys and its such a treat to get those goodie boxes in the mail. I'm hooked on those roll on oils. Thanks so much and I'm looking forward for more. Many blessings.
adrian jackman
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Loa Brigitte The Grandmother

Charm for Good Luck and Good Fortune.
Also known as the Talisman of Brigitte. Use to hold onto the good luck and fortune which comes your way. Other names she is known by are Grande Brigitte, Madame or Mademoiselle Brigitte. A loa whose name of 'Grande' in Creole means Grandmother. This wise old loa can use her unique powers and influences with other loas to keep a watchful eye on the wearer (just as a Grandmother), granting good fortune

Your Good Luck/Good Fortune/Brigitte Talisman can be worn as a necklace, hung in your home or car, carried in your wallet, purse or your mojo bag. Pendant measures approximately 1 3/4 x 1 1/2 inches. A black cord is included. Crafted of copper and brass.

The amulet can be worn as a necklace, hung in your home or car, carried in your wallet, purse or your mojo bag. However, if you intend to use your charm for the purpose designed, please note that traditionally the charm must remain in secret possession of the owner. When you receive your charm it is suggested that you cleanse under running water to remove energies it may have obtained before reaching you.

Voodoo is a magickal art that pays great attention to the respect of the Voodoo Loa so make sure you always leave an offering to please the Great Loa - woe betide the person who angers them!

Offering: A purple flower sprinkled with tealeaves wrapped in black paper and left by a tree on any day but when the sun has fallen.