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Helping Yourself with Magickal Oils A-Z by Solomon

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Helping Yourself
with Magickal Oils A - Z

by Maria Solomon

There are no barriers between you and all that you want and need.

This is the most thorough and comprehensive workbook available on the magickal powers of over 1,000 oils! It contains easy to follow step-by-step instructions for more than 1,500 spells, recipes and rituals for love, money, luck, protection and much more, all arranged in alphabetical format according to the oil you wish to use. Paperback, 180 pages.

Your attitude toward life is a magnet. What you put out in thought comes to pass. When you focus your intent and mentally send it to the Universe using a particular oil as a magnifier, with its own energy, you connect the two and create motion to put it to work. All oils have their own vibration which helps attract different situations. Whether you believe in them or not, they will work for you. However, if you add your force to it you will add power, control and direction. You can open hidden doors and remove all blocks.

This ancient art of utilizing oils to achieve goals has been passed down through generations. Use the ability wisely and always do positive work.