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Hummingbird Poster

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I am extremely pleased with my order! I have been wanting to order for a while and finally got the chance! And it arrived in two days! I will most assuredly be ordering again! Thank you soo much!
Angela Witt
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Hummingbird Prayer Poster

The Hummingbird Poster offers a Prayer and lovely art design to the spirit of the Hummingbird, celebrating all that Hummingbirds have to teach us. The parchment paper upon which it is printed measures 8" by 11" and reads:

Firece, Fluttering Spirit,
Speed Your Way into my Life
Teach Me the Secret Wisdom of the
Hold Me in Everlasting Flight,
Through Past, Future and Present
Wings Tracing the Shape of Eternity,
Beak Sipping the Nectar of Pure Joy.
Tireless and Independent,
Fearless, Flickering Warrior,
Hover Always Near,
Lifting My Spirit on Your Invisible Wings.

Printed on 8 1/2 x 11 inch Parchment-like Paper, these words can be framed or be stored away and brought forth when you need to read them.