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I Ching Reading

Rhaiza offers you a reading of I-Ching for guidance and harmony.

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I would just like to say thank you for your fast and excellent service. I ordered a couple things on Nov 23 in Ontario, Canada and I just received them today on Dec 2 in great condition and with a token of their appreciation for my order with a small free gift which I am grateful for. The pheromone oil smells soooo good!! I would and am definitely going to order from 13 Moons in the future. Thanks again!!! Blessed Be!
Lady Patience
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I Ching Reading

I-Ching, an ancient oracle for guidance. Rhaiza offers you a reading of I-Ching to find harmony and as an infallible compass for correct orientation. The I Ching is a purely wisdom book, and a book of divinatory practice. This is a source of wisdom of life.

For your question, it is good and traditional to include "Please" and use a general question rather than a to-the-point specific question as the answers are more often of the whole which creates a path or building blocks to guide you in understanding and possibly seeing or predicting the outcome. Enter your question in the Reading Notes box above.

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Spanish Translated:
El I Ching es a la vez un libro puramente sapiencial, y un libro de práctica adivinatoria u oracular. Como sapiencial es una fuente de sabiduría de la vida. Como oráculo es la herramienta para hallar la armonía, una brújula infalible para la orientación correcta.

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Tenga en cuenta: No hay costo de envío ~ Cada lectura es enviado por correo electrónico.


Hi, my name is Rhaiza and I have 20 years of experience with the Tarot. This beautiful method is a fantastic tool to serve as a guide. The Tarot is a map of the universe - and through the archtypes that present us the cards - a guidance which will aid you.

The methods which I use as a tool are Tarot, Runes, I-Ching, Astrology and the Oracles of Fairy. If you prefer another method than this chart, please feel free to view my listings for another choice.


Spanish Translated:
Hola, Mi nombre es Rhaiza y tengo 20 años de experiencia con el tarot. Este hermoso método es una herramienta fantástica para servir de guia. El tarot no es otra cosa que un mapa del universo. Y mediante los arquetipos que nos presenten las cartas te iré ayudando para tu mejoramiento personal, en tu idioma... el español.

También soy Master Reiki y conferenciante de diversos temás esotéricos en mi país.

Los métodos que útilizo como herramienta son el tarot, las runas, la astrología y los oráculos de Hadas. Así que si prefieres otro método puedes sentirte en la libertad de volver al menú y escoger el que más te guste.

En amor,