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Cash & Checks

13 Moons welcomes payment by check, money order, Western Union or cash for all US Customers.

International Customers: Please Note: We can not accept International Checks or Money Orders. Please select and pay by Credit Card or PayPal.

Please place your order online and checkout with the check/money order option. We each will have a record of the order and we can better reference it when we receive your payment.

We will only hold your order for one week. If your order payment arrives later than one week your items may not be available. Also your order will be deleted from our database so you will not have good records of your orders.

We do not ship your order until we have received the payment. Once we receive payment within that week, cash and money order payment orders are shipped upon receiving. Checks are deposited in our bank within 2 days and then there is a 7 - 10 business day wait on clearance from your bank before we ship.

Check Payment: It takes approximately 10 business days to clear into our bank account once the check is entered into our bank which may take 2 days upon us receiving the payment. You may see your check has cleared with your bank, however it takes approximately 10 days for your bank to move the cleared funds into our account.

For Returned/Bounced Checks, there is a $25.00 Fee.

Money Order or Cash Payment: We will ship the order upon receiving payment.

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