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Healing and Reiki Information and Notes
July 2005

It is time for us all to heal. Heal one another - Heal the Earth - Heal the Universe. If we all work together we can make changes. And there are MANY changes to be made. The earth and universe provide the energies and tools - lets join together!

Please, note: Although the symbols are here, they may not work for you without having an attunement from a Master.
You can easily find a Reiki Master to pass attunements... and there are a few who will not charge you the exorbitant prices seen posted out there. At this time. I am not passing Reiki Attunements but will share and discuss with you the subject of healing. You may find you will receive the attunements personally from the Universal Energies by studying and meditating. If the need and desire is known/felt by you... The Universe will gift you with the attunement.

The information shared here is for your learning and continued energy of healing! Use the symbols to accent, heal and balance your life in every aspect! Begin healing today!! Thank you! Blessings, Harmony, Balance & Peace.


Reiki Symbols & Information

Reiki symbols are used to utilize the flow of Life Force Energy. Imagine them as the entrance to higher levels of consciousness, awareness and growth. They are derived from forms of Japanese Sanskrit… said by the Vedas to be the expressions of the spirit world.

Reiki symbols have been traditionally passed on from Master to student through attunements… along with the representation of the symbols. The attunement is said to give power to the symbols. You may experience the same results of attunement and receive the guidance you need by personally studying and meditating with the symbols. Some say and believe the symbols are sacred and to be secret… and charge a great deal of money to pass the symbols and attunements to their students. Others do not feel the symbols are to be secrets, nor do they feel there should be a charge to obtain the representation or attunement. I have been attuned by a Usui Reiki Master and am passing on the symbol information to all who wish to learn and heal. I feel healing is for all and now is the time to share and heal. By passing the information on to others, my wish is to spread and increase this wonderful energy.

Different Masters/Teachers may teach different ways to draw the symbols or have slight variations of meanings. Allow yourself to explore and learn by working with the symbols and reading about other interpretations.

Reiki is a straightforward technique of hands-on and distant healing for mind, body and spirit.
Use the energy to release blockages of energy; reduce tension/stress and to allow relaxation. A practitioner may use the charka points for the laying on of hands, going from crown to feet; others may place their hands directly near or on the area of the dis-ease. Reiki can be performed on yourself, clients, animals, plants. When you pass Reiki on to others, you are also receiving this wonderful universal energy.

It is strongly recommended to not perform Reiki Energy “hands-on” with someone who is having a heart attack. Wait until the person is stable before performing the healing energy. Also it is not recommended for someone who is about to have surgery with anesthesia as they may become too relaxed to awaken.

During a healing, a client may release emotions they were not aware of, this is not unusual. The Reiki Energy helps release these emotions and allow healing. Whether yourself or a client, allow enough time to release these emotions most commonly released by crying.

When a session with a client or yourself is complete, it is recommended to give time to meditate and relax for a few minutes before rising to prevent feeling light headed. Some clients may experience frequent urination, diarrhea or may feel a bit worse in the first 36 hours – this is a form of cleansing and not unusual. Clients and the practitioner should drink plenty of water after a session to help cleanse and release toxins. For someone who are in a lot of pain, emotional or physical, several Reiki sessions are recommended.

The Symbols: (each symbol has numbers to guide you in the direction to draw the symbol in correct flow)


Cho Ko Rei Pronounced cho koo ray


“The Power Symbol” or “Focus Symbol”; most widely used of the symbols and is used for healing of the physical, the “here and now”. Allow the energy that is always there to be increased by using this symbol. Cho Ko Rei is used at the opening of a healing and at any time you need extra energy. Think of it as “putting the energy there.” Visualize or Draw this symbol when you want to use the powers of Cho Ko Rei. Some use the mirror image of the symbols and some use both this symbol along with the mirror image.


Sei He Ki Pronounced say hay key



This symbol is used for balance, harmony, mental and emotions. The power of this symbol works with the foundation of dis-ease. Sometimes when disease appears the body is giving the message something needs caring and attention. Use this symbol to balance the left and right sides of the brain; breaking and healing unwanted habits; for growth; memory; healing relationships; emotions; mental stress; purification; cleansing.
When performing a healing on a client – or yourself – and emotions begin to be released, use the Sei He Ki symbol to aid in releasing and cleansing.


Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen Pronounced hawn shaw zay show nen



Connection – and Distant Healing Symbol Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen allows Reiki energy to pass through time and space (across the room or across the world) and connect to those in need; for absentee healing; no hands-on healing and to heal wounds and issues of the past and also to heal in the future. For future healing send the energy “out there” and keep it stored for at a time in the future when you or others may need it.

The word buddha has a meaning of “the awakened heart”. When you use this symbol imagine/visualize that you are greeting your awakened heart with the awakened heart of one you are sending energy to. This symbol creates a union where Reiki is shared no matter the distance.


Dai Ko Myo or Dai Ku Myo Pronounce dye koo myo


The Master Symbol – Light of the “awakened heart”; the Empower Symbol. Using the Dai Ko Myo symbols allows a strong energy for giving power to yourself. Use this symbol to open yourself to more knowledge; to heal the soul; healing yourself; for insight; intuition; psychic knowledge; inspiration; imagination and each time you initiate Reiki. Some who use this symbol may find extraordinary changes occur in their life and career.
The energy of Dai Ko Myo is used by the Reiki Master for attunements.

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