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International orders may be subject to customs, duties and taxes which are your responsibility. Each country varies in custom charges, taxes applied from individual items to sub total of the order. Please be aware of your country's taxes, limits and items not allowed in.

We have no way of knowing what items they will hold or for how long they will hold a package. Having a package held in customs is beyond the time frame USPS states for delivery time.

Please Note: We can not accept International Checks or Money Orders.

Please select and pay with PayPal for your Direct Bank Account Payments and Credit Cards.

Western Union: If you wish to use Western Union, please select Money Order/Check for Payment, confirm your order, then contact us for more information on paying by Western Union.

International Orders shipping by Priority take approximately 3 to 10 business days to reach your country and destination.
International Order shipping by Express take approximatley 3 to 5 business days.

First Class International takes 7 - 21 business days once the package has left our warehouse; however they do not guarantee delivery in this time frame.

If held at customs: this is not included in the above time frames. We have no way to track or guarantee delivery in the time frame the US Post Office states when a package enters customs. Please be aware of your country's customs rules and regulations and how long they may hold a package.
Be aware of items which cause them to hold a package and to collect duties and taxes before placing your order.

We are not always able to track International packages once the package leaves the US until it reaches your country's customs' department. If you would like to track your package(s), you will need to contact your postal server or customs department and provide them with the customs and package numbers for your package which are emailed to you with the shipping information.

Before submitting your order, please double-check all pertinent information - especially your email and shipping address. If you do not receive an email from orders@13Moons.com within an hour after placing your order, most likely your email address has been entered incorrectly. Invalid information may delay or cancel your order.

International Returned/Refused Packages: There are no refunds; we are unable to retrieve returned international packages.

Shipment to Chile, Israel & Asia: Only International Express Mail is allowed. No other options.

No knives, athames, swords, blades, axes allowed to be shipped to Greece and Australia. Superman Xray Vision detects blades! Customs will remove any and all blades from your package, no refund, and they may ask you to apply for a weapons license.

Broken Item(s) Claim Forms: When your package arrives, if there is a damaged item(s) due to shipping, please take the box with broken item(s), make certain the customs and/or insurance labels are still attached, and submit at your local post office/service. We can not process a claim until your postal server has inspected the items.

Refunds for Claims vary from country to country. Your post office may process the claim immediately... Or they may require our post service here in the U.S. to process the claim.

If you have attempted to process a refund claim at your post office and they state it must be completed in the U.S., please email us immediately so we can begin the claim.

Claim Process Time The process time for a claim may take up to a month. Please be patient. Once you have taken the package to your post office, it takes about 3 weeks until we are sent a claims form. Once we have filled the claims form out and returned it, should only be an additional week before a refund is submitted.

By submitting your order you have read, understood and agree to our conditions and policies.

Thank You and Many Blessings!
Jeff & Sandy

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