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Clear Quartz Scrying Ball Pendant - LIMITED

Witch's Scrying Crystal Ball Pendant

A very magickal Crystal Ball Pendant that can be worn by both women and men. This is a very substantial piece of magickal jewelry. The Crystal Ball can be used for Scrying, Casting Spells, and as an energy enhancer. This is a very popular piece with Psychics, Tarot Readers, and all kinds of experienced Witches.

Scrying is the art of piecing the veil between realities and seeing into the past, future, and into the realm of possibilities. The Witch's Crystal Ball Scrying Pendant will rest and recharge on your Altar when you are not wearing it, either in a Crystal Ball holder, or anywhere that is not in direct sunlight.

The metal of this spiraling, textured Crystal Ball Pendant is the finest Lead-Free Pewter with a 5% pure Silver content. The Silver adds strength, conductivity and a beautiful lustre to the Pewter.
30 mm Clear Quartz Sphere.

Warning!!!!! All Crystal Balls can catch a ray of direct Sunlight and start a fire because a Crystal focuses the Sun's rays into a condensed intensified point. This does not happen when you are wearing a Crystal Ball Pendant, because the angle of the Sunlight is constantly changing as you move.

Original Design by Abby Willowroot copyright 2007.


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