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6 in Pillar, Green

6 inch Green Pillar Candle

Hand-Crafted by Luirainder
Candle Size 3 x 6 inch Pillar

Perfect for your Altar Candles. Unscented Pillar; allows you to dress with oils and herbs if you wish.

Green: Element Earth/North; Water/West; Venus; Fairies; Nature, Earth, Plants, Herbs, Food, Trees, Animals, Fertility, Growth, Renewal, Healing, Regaining Health/ Strength, Harvest, Abundance, Balance, Herb Magick, Harmony, Confidence, Prosperity, Wealth, Money, Love, Luck, Hope, Peace, Balance, Emotions, Stamina, Sympathy, Rid of Jealousy and Greed, Physical Matters on Earth; Practical and Material Matters.

Green is used for Chakra/Energy work on the 4th Chakra - Heart Green has long been known as a color of earth, healing, balance and calming. Many use green in their family rooms, bedrooms and offices for the balance/harmony effect and that many other colors will accent well.


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