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Gothic Ankh Necklace

Gothic Ankh

Artist Chris Bennett describes his Gothic style as "descending from a style originating in 15th century Germany called 'Middle Gothic.' The Gothic movement was a response to the repression of Christianity and the movement had to develop underground: a pagan revival of sorts. Many members of this 'Middle Gothic' movement were, then as now, Artists, Poets, Musicians and Thinkers who questioned the paradigm that created their society. They used Paganism as "a 'Sword of Illumination' to light the path through a world that is dark, asleep, and blind." Mr. Bennett's designs are meant to be a Symbol to today's Goths for Self Empowerment and Solidarity. The Ankh, with its looped top, is an ancient Egyptian hieroglyph representing the Womb, and, translated, means Life. It is a symbol found widely in Egyptian art, where gods and goddesses are shown clutching the Ankh, the Key to the Afterlife and Immortality. This symbol was also known as the "Key of the Nile:" which provided the desert with Life Giving water further reinforcing the image of Fertility and Reproduction. It symbolizes the ability for life to evolve and be successful and reminds us that life on Earth is simply one aspect of Creation, and that we are all Eternal Beings.

Measures 2 inches x 1 1/8
Made of the highest quality Excelsior Pewter.
Adjustable black cord included.

An original desgn by Chris Benett
Joseph Masselli 2004
Photo Enlarged to show detail.

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