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Home Blessing Set

Blessed Herbal Home
Blessing Kit

A Triad of Sacred Space, Happy Home and Prosperity.

Create an atmosphere of warmth, peace and harmony for yourself and your family with this triad of candles. Allow your good intentions to disperse and transform any stress or tension with expanding love.

BLESSING: I light these candles inviting peace and abundance into this sacred space. I am open and willing to receive these gifts and I bless all who cross my threshold with this love.

Your Blessing Kit contains a three pack of 10 hour votives. Each votive measures 1 1/2 x 2 inches. Each candle has an Environmentally Safe Zink Core Wick.

Wanna rock your world? Try a Blessing Kit and experience some wondrous magic. You might ask, “What is it that makes them so effective?” The maker's will let you in on their secret - it is the proven power of the Blessed Herbal Candles multiplied!

Each of the Blessing Kit combinations address the bursts of energy we need to create the life we desire. The hand-poured care the makers put into each candle adds that much more to creating that life.

Getting right to the point, these triads fine tune the energies of the Blessed Herbal Candles to a powerful accuracy.

Discovering each new combination is like a small moment of personal enlightenment. Once you get the hang of it, make your own combinations with the Original Blessed Herbal Candles and become additionally blessed!

Each candle is blessed and energized during their creation to make a powerful magical tool.


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