Lotus Soapstone Diffuser

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Merry meet! I would first like to say that the service is absolutely wonderful! I like the idea of wrapping the orders in recycled news paper ( yay for recycling!). Not to mention I get my order fast :) and lastly, I LOVE the little notes I get on the receipt.. thank you for personally writing down a simple hello. It made me feel like you guys care about your customers. Its very thoughtful of you. Always makes my day. Thank you again! Love and Light!
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Lotus Natural Carved
Soapstone Oil Diffuser

Soapstone Two Piece Diffuser. The base has carved lines decorating the edge. The star/pentacle is a cut out design with leaf etchings accenting giving you a lovely warm glow when candle is lit. Bowl is removable for ease of cleaning; cooling and refilling. The bowl portion is also made of soapstone.
Tea lights candles are recommended; not votive candles.

Diffuser stands approximately 3 1/4 inches tall and is approximately 2 inches in diameter.

  • Oils and herbs may be used to release purifying and magickal scents! Be creative and use oils and herbs together!
  • If using only oils - place a few drops of your favorite oil or oil blend, fill the diffuser with water and light your candle in base.
  • When using herbs, example: patchouli, half fill or fill the bowl with the herb, cover with water and light candle. For more potentcy, add a drop or two of a complimentary oil.
  • Before adding more water, allow the bowl to cool. Soapstone will crack if hot and cool or cold water is added.
  • Adding to as needed: As the water evaporates, add more water, oil and/or herb as needed. *Caution - Again* do not add cool or cold water to the bowls; they will crack and break; blow out candle and allow them to cool before filling with water.
  • Many of the diffusers also make attractive pedestals for larger (2 1/2"+) crystal balls.