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Luna Moon Goddess Earrings by Mythic Images

Moon Goddess - Magick Circle of Goddess Energy by Oberon Zell
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I just opened my box full of wonderful things. All in great shape and everything there. Will be ordering from you again. Thank you!!
Tera Jones
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Luna, Moon Goddess
by Oberon Zell, Mythic Images©

Oberon's popular interpretation of the waxing Moon is now available as lovely and light weight earrings crafted by Peter Stone. This image of Luna has been re-imagined as a lighter cut-out version of the Lady in the Moon forming a magick circle of Goddess energy. Simply Divine!

Luna, the Moon Goddess Goddess Earrings are made of nebula and each measures approximately 1 inch.

The Lady in the Moon has many names: Luna, Selene and Arionrhod. This is Oberon Zell's interpretation of the waxing Moon in Her Maiden guise. It is meticulously cast in Nebula, the wonderful new hypoallergenic alloy, hand-painted with silver enameling to give contrast to the bright, non-tarnishing metal revealing the exquisite detail of the design. This image of the Lady in the Moon will unite you with the natural cycles of the cosmos.