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Magick Faery Dust and Charm Set

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13 Moons

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Thank you so much, 13 Moons! You have an amazing (and effective) selection of enchanting :-) items. My order arrived amazingly fast. After all the negative energy I've been experiencing, your thoughtful inclusion of a special pendant, and caring note, was like a smile from the goddess. Blessed Be!
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13 Moons'
Magick Fairy Dust and Charm Necklace Set

Focus on the Sun - Touch a Moonbeam - Wish upon a StarSpread the Magick and Dance with the Faeries! Chi and Brie have created this adorable set for you or your special someone!

Each set includes a glass vial of fairy dust and a fairy charm. The Fairy charm may vary in style from the photo, we have an assortment we are using in the sets. Each measures approximately 1 1/2 to 2 inches and includes a 30 inch cord which you can easily adjust for a personalized length.

Flowing, interconnecting cycles as the wheel turns not only give us new challenges and opportunities but also new energy! Capture and spread magickal energy with your Fairy Dust whether for Good Luck, Healing, Blessings or Celebrations all through the year!