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Many Suns Tapestry 85x100

Limited Supply - Celebrate the sun now with this colorful design!

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Merry Meet, Blessed Friends!! My latest orders were presents for non-Wiccan friends -- they couldn't express how much they loved their gifts. Some of these friends, in turn, ordered from your site: some of them have even begun an interest in Wiccan religion!!! :)) Maybe some day we'll have our own coven going!! Keep the faith, friends!!!Blessed Be,
Moonstone in California
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Many Suns Tapestry

A vivid design in celebration of the Sun! Suns and stars dapple the tapestry in rich purples, violets, and blues and white to make an eye catching blend.

Measures approximately 85 inches x 100 inches.
100% Cotton.

Great for Wall Hangings, Table Cloths, Bed Spreads, Altar Cloths, and more... plus sewing your personal creations.

Please Note: There are no returns or exchanges on this product unless grossly defective.
Colors may vary from photo as each is hand woven from different pigments at different times. Please allow for minor variations in color and design.
Minor flaws in weaving may be present.